On Contact: Understanding Socialism with Richard Wolff

23:10 :clock10: R. Wolff - let me put it this way. Work is something we should be wanting to engage in, something that means something to us, something that brings us with relationships with other people that we value. That makes us better people as we interact with them. Those real needs human have, that capitalism completely rejects. In the name of profit, it is gonna tell you what to do, how to do, when to do it. The irony when you’re done with work, on your way home you pass a place that says “happy hour” as if to underscore that the other hours aren’t. You know, all of that, socialism is then this or that detail. It’s a transformation of life, it’s like a family that is having serious problems, but that can thin through, we could relate to one another in a different way, which would be better for all of us.